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Empowering Success

We believe there is a better way to complement marketing campaigns to help clients achieve success. With a long history in Buffalo, NY, almost a decade of digital experience/knowledge and the GREATEST CLIENTS any company could hope for, we recognize the need to help clients reach additional customers and more specific individuals – hence our hyper focused and customized approach for each client.

Synergistic Expertise

Leveraging the power of various digital teams who specialize in a variety of tactics and by working with clients I can offer advice, build campaigns that make sense, target the correct individuals and give clients the best chance for digital marketing success. Ultimately, it is about the results of the campaign that matter, driving the results needed for the Client’s success!

Driving Success

We are excited, each and every day, to work with our clients, our partners, and friends to help build campaigns that fit their budgets but are also wildly successful. We are truly a one-stop shop for comprehensive campaigns that are robust, complete and that work!

19% Higher ROI

Research shows successful ad campaigns share eight characteristics. Radio is the only local media option that delivers all eight of them. Digital is the second option that delivers on seven out of eight of those characteristics. That’s why radio consistently gives you the highest return on investment of any local media and that’s why it should always be your base buy. Research also confirms that marketing campaigns generate a higher average return on investment, 19% more to be exact, than if you use a single media platform. That’s why we offer a variety of effective digital solutions to enhance your base radio buy. We are your one-stop shop to deliver a coordinated radio and digital campaign that will get you results.

Upto 70% More Data

When combined with data collection tools, like a Data Mining Pixel that collects incredible amounts of data on up to 50%-70% of your website visitors, digital advertising campaigns are focused, powerful, and wildly successful.
Research also confirms that marketing campaigns generate even higher returns when they’re on more than one marketing platform. That’s why a variety of effective digital solutions will enhance your marketing efforts. Truly a one-stop shop to deliver a coordinated digital campaign that will get you results.

Leverage our years of experience and digital support team to create successful digital campaigns that drive leads, attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost profits.

Our Services

Website Design

Crafting visually appealing and user-friendly online platforms to enhance brand presence and engage visitors.


Optimizing website content to improve organic search engine rankings and increase online visibility.


Running paid advertising campaigns on search engines to drive targeted traffic and increase conversions.


Displaying personalized ads to individuals who have previously visited a website, encouraging them to return and complete desired actions.


Targeting ads to specific geographic locations using virtual boundaries, reaching users within defined areas.

GPS Targeting

Delivering location-specific ads to users based on their real-time geographic position using GPS technology.

Psychographic Targeting

Tailoring marketing efforts based on consumers’ interests, values, personalities, and lifestyle preferences.

Social Media Advertising

Promoting products or services through paid ads on social media platforms to reach and engage targeted audiences.

Video Advertising

Utilizing video content to promote products, services, or brands through various online platforms and channels.

Streaming TV (OTT) Commercials

Placing advertisements on streaming platforms, reaching viewers who consume content over-the-top (OTT) of traditional TV.

Get results with a coordinated Digital Campaign and don’t miss out on the advantages of Digital Advertising!

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