With so many sober living homes and other addiction recovery & housing services popping up here in Arizona, how can you tell the good from the bad? It’s no secret that Arizona and cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix are considered major hubs nationwide for…

Onlookers who don’t understand addiction often think that drug abuse is a choice. In fact, it is a source to overcome social anxiety. Also, it is used as a means to unwind at the end of the day or to escape problems. However, drinking too much without the ability to stop leads to addiction.

Get articles and tips sharing stories of success, advice and tips for all those suffering from addiction. My blog is to bring awareness to others about alcoholism, addiction and recovery. I’ve been sober since May 11, 2004 and its been an amazing journey – one that I never could have even dreamed of. Boozemusings blog and BOOM, Private, Anonymous, Community Forum. Join this vibrant, diverse community of people who have overcome or are overcoming alcohol addiction. Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for NOT using. Free of charge to anyone hoping to work for their own solutions within a closely monitored team.

Check Out 7 Of Our Favorite Female Sober Bloggers In Recovery

The Temper exists to show people in all of their power and as agents of their own recovery. Authoring and owning a new, very real narrative that positions sobriety as a viable, radical, and empowering lifestyle.

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Let’s be honest, if you’re searching for reasons to quit drinking alcohol, you probably already have a few in mind. Most often, it’s because alcohol has seriously messed up certain parts of your life. Or maybe, it was suggested to try out a sober lifestyle, by a… Casa Nuevo Vida, located in beautiful Los Angeles, California, is a sober living program. Our residents live in a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment. Our facility’s surroundings promote the opportunity for you to be able to continue your life of sobriety.

The Calm Sober House In Chiang Mai

Josh Hersh started Queeret as an Instagram account. Originally based in Brooklyn, it has grown quickly and so far has hosted meetups in about a dozen cities across America. On the blog, you’ll find thoughtful content about bringing calm and sobriety to queer spaces, plus podcasts, interviews, and event listings.

Our teen girls are comparing themselves, their value and purpose to the Instagram feeds that display perfect bodies, perfect relationships, and perfect lives. I know feeling proud about ourselves is one of the supreme pleasures in life. There is no greater awareness then laying your head on your pillow at night knowing you did the best you could that day. I know the truest of friends are few and you need to protect them as if your life depends on it. Because one day, when your life changes in a split second or your first love breaks your heart, or your ‘life plan’ falls apart; it will. And even when life carries you apart, always know that time will bring you together, again.

This is my space to write and is my raw, honest journey towards loving myself more, exploring the world stone-cold sober and improving my wellbeing.

sober living blog

Sober living for women is a special opportunity to get support and structure after drug rehab. Take advantage of addiction recovery services to prevent relapse… Upon completion of residential or Partial Hospitalization programs, it is often… Connecting with the experiences of others can help you on your path to recovery, and reading blogs like these is a great way to connect with others who have been where you are. Don’t stop there however – explore the opportunity you or a loved has at a Chicago sober living facilitity like Stairway to Freedom. If you need more guidance on your journey to recovery, we are here to help.

Her posts teach readers things like how to build a sobriety tool box and offer real-life advice on the daily challenges of sober living. Join our newsletter to be part of a community of people with shared experiences. This is a great asset to those struggling with their own personal battles.

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I am trying to reclaim my life, a life that has been derailed by my past, and by my unhealthy coping mechanisms. I am overweight, I eat too much, I drink too much, I am an occasional self harmer, and this is me trying to quit the unhealthy and go from existing to living. Real Deal Sober Living is dedicated to helping drug addicts and alcoholics find a solution to sobriety.

  • Linda writes about topics like navigating family holidays, her encounters with others going through similar experiences, and the health effects of alcoholism.
  • I have lost myself in success and failure and found myself in balance.
  • She Recovers features beneficial tools such as a reading room, recovery coach profiles, retreat information, and yoga insight.

Chronicling the journey from “liquid courage to sober courage,” this blog includes real-life stories about alcohol use disorder, relapse, and the journey of recovery. Readers will also find resources for getting sober and finding support online. Nancy Carr is the writer of Last Call, a raw and honest memoir about her alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Her blog is dedicated to bringing awareness about alcoholism, addiction, and recovery. She decided to start blogging when she discovered the amazing online recovery community that included a variety of recovery resources. The Boca House of Men blog is an updated resource outlining the benefits of sober living, recovery and the learning how to rejoin the world after addiction. Follow this blog to get information on support and care for people who recover after addiction.

My memoir, Girl, Wasted exposes the darkness that led me to the light. This is my blog where I post my stories, struggles, and tips about being a sober guy in a drunk man’s world. OWN Sobriety is a brand new blog and resource site dedicated to a modern and holistic approach of recovering from addiction. I’m a woman who loves wine and writes about getting sober.

Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Work On Addiction And Recovery

This list of the Top 25 Recovery Bloggers is full of great names that I personally love to read and share with you. Get to know the likes of Sasha Tozzi, Lazarus Letcher, Laura McKowen, and Sober Brown Girls among others. Sharing the stories of our struggles and victories isn’t easy. However, it weaves https://ecosoberhouse.com/ us all together and creates the support network that is vital to our continued success. Let them know how important their work is to you as well. Riviera Recovery is a health and wellness sober living community helping men & women recover from substance use, mental health and co-occurring disorders.

Standing for vulnerability, complexity, and messiness. Championing those who try, and those who keep trying. About – Waking up to the sobering reality that booze is the problem not the solution.Female, mid 40’s, living in the UK. About – Soberocity features sober event listings, articles of recovery and inspiration, and a community of online members living sober. My name is Mary Ellin and I write about addiction and recovery. Every once in a while I create a new website with a a new twist.

The Difference Between Drug Rehab And Sober Living Homes

Those suffering from addiction can benefit from treatment at drug rehab then transition to a sober living home to further their recovery and sobriety success. While a client is enrolled in an inpatient substance abuse program, the staff to client ratio is much… Hip Sobriety is the result of one woman’s recovery—not only from alcohol abuse but also drugs and an eating disorder. Today she is a writer, an advocate for those in recovery, and a sobriety coach who blogs about her own recovery and offers encouragement and support for others.

  • This is how we do sobriety here at Pacific Beach Recovery sober living.
  • With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community.
  • It is not real life but an image captured, in perfect time, to show a perfect story in a seemingly perfect life.

In November 2016, I decided to become alcohol & smoke-free. Alcohol Recovery – One Woman’s Journey Toward Recovery. Waking Up the Ghost is a daily journal about maintaining temperance in a tipsy world and finding humor and humanity in life’s most ghastly situations…

Sober Catholic

The Unruffled explores the ways we use creativity to help fuel recovery. We offer stories and photos of artists, makers and writers in recovery and creative ideas on the blog. I’m a 42-year-old mom of 2 who has finally taken action to make my life better.

In recent years addiction has gained more attention as the country, and the world are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many types of addiction, both Chemical and Behavioral beyond the ones making the news…. The human liver is a cone-shaped organ that’s about the size of a football. It’s located just beneath the ribcage on the right side of the abdomen. A healthy liver is vital to overall health and wellbeing. Chronic alcohol abuse is one thing that can seriously… Planning a sober travel vacation can be a hectic and time-consuming process for those in recovery.

Reading that story reaffirmed I’m not alone and I’m not so different after all. Pro-tip on Glennon – she sells some cute merch in her Zazzle shop.

Nothing like a global pandemic to finally kick my ass into gear. What does a middle-class white girl with no college education have to offer on the topics of recovery and sober living blog sobriety? I only have my own personal experiences tossed in with all of the books and websites and movies and podcasts I’ve read, watched, and listened to over the years.

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